Brutal Bible Blood Baths
Reliving Old Testament stories of God-approved slaughter and genocide.

Prototype gameplay:
Maul 42 youths for teasing a prophet!
Fight off 1000 men!
Prepare 1000 animals for sacrifice!
Cleanse the promised land!

The Levels

2 Kings 2:23-24

Two bears and 42 youths

The prophet Elisha cursed
the youths for teasing him.
Make the bears maul 42 of them.

Judges 15:15-16

Samson vs 1000 men

With a donkey's jawbone,
kill 1000 men

1 Kings 3:4

King Solomon's Sacrifice #1

Kill 1000 animals

1 Kings 8:63 / 2 Chr 7:5

King Solomon's Sacrifice #2

Kill 144,000 animals

Deuteronomy 20:16-17

Invading the promised land

Kill everything that breathes
so they don't lead you astray

Download the Scratch prototype

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